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Community Care News

This page is dedicated to increase awareness of charitable projects promoted by the Greater Tarrant County Pest Control Association of Texas. Our members are devoted to the cause and we hope that your hearts will be touched and your minds be motivated.

Contact:  Janet Foster (co-founder)  janetfoster@aol.com

PROJECT UPDATE (02/15/05):

Tarrant County Pest Control Association
Permanone Donation Recap - DFW Marine Corps Families

1st Donation:
900 units of 6 oz Permanone Insect Repellant at 3.15 each - $2,835.00
12 per case
75 cases

2nd Donation:
1,884 units of 6 oz Permanone Insect Repellant at 3.00 each - $5,652.00
12 per case
157 cases

2,784 units - $8,487.00
232 cases

Below is a letter written by our association Past President, Ed Doyle
Dear Fellow Association Members:

The members of Chapter 6 of the Texas Pest Control Association have found a way to help support our troops overseas with a unique gift that represents our line of work.

A group called DFW Marine Corps Families has a list of needed items for the troops at the front line.  This group collects the items, makes care packages and sends them to the troops.  The care packages go to all branches of the service.  Chapter 6 found insect repellant on the list of needed supplies.  This was the item we decided to supply as a gift to this program.  As pest control professionals we know the importance insect repellent.

We asked our active members to help contribute to a fund we would use to purchase the repellent.  We were able to raise $2,800 between April 15 and May 20, 2004.  With this money we purchased 75 cases of Permanone Insect Repellant.*

Janet Foster, our liaison with the DFW Marine Corps Families was ecstatic with our contribution to the care packages.  Janet is a Marine Mom.  Her son served in Iraq in a Light Armored Vehicle (LAV).  He is home but will be returning to Iraq in September.

This project has really helped our chapter feel like they were doing something good for the men and women overseas who are serving our country in the military.  We would like to expand this effort to provide insect repellent.  We are going to ask our customers if they would like to donate to this effort.  We plan to run a campaign for three months to collect money.  This will give us an opportunity to reach all of our customers.  At the end of the three-month time period, we will take all the donations and purchase Permanone Insect Repellant for the troops.

I would like to ask all of the chapters in the Texas Pest Control Association to join with us and participate in this endeavor to supply a much-needed item to our troops overseas.  All the money raised will purchase insect repellant.  This will let our troops know that all of us and our customers care and we are praying for their safe return.  It is a way to say thank you for their services and sacrifices to our country.

I hope all of you and your associations will participate in this project.  The more people who participate, the more soldiers we can help.

I am willing to visit your association and share our experiences with this project.  Janet Foster is also available to speak to your members.  She can tell you personally what this project has meant to her and to our troops.

Please feel free to call me for more information.


Ed Doyle, Past President Greater Tarrant County Pest Control Association
Chapter 6, Texas Pest Control Association
817-834-3121 or 817-360-0643
E-mail: Eants@Hotmail.com
*  I am not affiliated personally or financially with the manufacturer of Permanone Insect Repellant

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